Creating a Beautiful Getaway from Small Landscapes

landscape with water feature

A landscape design is sometimes something we are entrusted with. Your space doesn't have to suffer because you live on a small lot, though! Here are some ideas for turning your modest backyard into a slice of paradise in just 4 easy steps.

Pathways and Focus Points

Landscape architects can design a property's landscape in many different ways. One way to do this is using designed pathways that lead from key and targeted destinations, which not only creates order but also defines an area with focal points. The fire pit will be a perfect addition to your outdoor space. Guests can sit around the small flames, all while taking in the scenery and enjoying their time together with you!

Height, not width, should be added

Imagine you have the ability to shrink yourself down, so small that a tree could become an entire world. The landscape would now be your playground and it needs careful consideration! When designing for tiny landscapes like this one, don't forget about height - if there's not enough of it in real life then make sure your design has plenty up high where people can see them from afar. Tall plants will draw viewers' eyes upwards toward the higher ground while groupings of any size near paths show off what they might find when venturing further inward too! Utilizing varying levels of height, visitors will be able to notice the differences in heights and get a sense that they are walking through a large space. Trees with varied leaf details, perennials planted at differing depths or soil types make for an engaging landscape design. When utilizing planters and pots within your garden keep in mind mixing different sizes together so it appears as if there is more variation than just pot size alone!

Bold but Beautiful

If you find that your landscape is too small for a balance of vitality and spacious beauty, consider adding some bright colors to the space. The color doesn't have to come from flowers - it can also be subtly incorporated into materials or furniture in order to give life back into an otherwise dull environment. Use bright colors to transform your outdoor space. Brighten up the place with a rainbow of color, and let nature take center stage.

Less is More

No one wants to stare at a cluttered room of useless items. Instead, create an environment that is both functional and pleasant looking with just the essentials. A structured space will be more appealing than some messy area where everything appears out-of-place or unused for so long it has lost its luster over time. Let's keep your front yard beautiful. Keep it nice and neat with a well-kept lawn, without too many decorations to distract from the beauty of nature around you.