Expert Landscape Design in Allen TX

If you want to achieve your dream garden, you need to work with a team that specializes in designing landscapes in Allen, TX. There are plenty of factors you need to consider. For instance, you need to determine the purpose of the outdoor area and the people who will spend time there. To be able to answer these questions accurately, you’ll need an expert landscape designer and lawn technician who has extensive knowledge and experience in this field. When you hire Allen Landscaping, you can enjoy a landscape design that reflects your lifestyle and personal taste. What’s more, it will be sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, and practical.

Our Garden Design Services Include:

  • Discussions and Assessment
  • A comprehensive survey and scaled designs
  • Professional advice on plants, materials, and levels
  • Concept sketches and overview
  • Detailed planting and construction plans
  • Complete project management
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Our Landscape Design Process

Usually, our landscape design process starts with a tape measure, a pencil, a pad, and a friendly conversation with the client. Whenever we deal with a customer, we take a personal and unique approach which allows us to create an outdoor area that fulfill their needs. Perhaps, you want a plot where the whole family can cultivate vegetables, flowers, and fruits. On the other hand, you may prefer having low maintenance, architectural garden or an outdoor space where your children can securely play. Whatever the case may be, we will thoroughly discuss your requirements to be able to create an achievable and practical design.

At Allen Landscaping, we love the idea of comfortable outdoor living. So, we do our best to ensure that our client’s garden blends harmoniously with their home life. This way, if the weather is in their favor, they can seamlessly use all of their living space.

When you hire us, we will listen carefully to your preferences, allowing us to generate plans and sketches that reflect your ideas and inspirations. Once we have a general overview of your requirements, we can schedule a site survey, start drawing plans, and produce a comprehensive proposal that covers the timelines and costs of the project. Expect us to manage the project from start to finish including all aspects of soft and hard landscaping, planting, and aftercare. We do everything needed to ensure that you will achieve your dream garden.


Our Soft Landscaping Services

Even if you have a low maintenance garden, it would not be complete without plants. So, whether you want your landscape to have a subtle, natural, or bold appeal, you can trust that we’ll put our horticultural knowledge and experience to use in order to achieve your desired look. Every layer of ecological sequence makes up our array of soft landscaping services. Depending on what the project requires, we can install semi-aquatic plants, aquatic, plants, shrubs, field layer plants, and trees.

When it comes to soft landscaping design in Allen, TX, we make sure that we assess your needs carefully. Our team will discuss whether you have an active lifestyle that requires low-maintenance planting or if you want to spend more time tending a garden. We will look at the location, the areas of shade, the direction of the sun, the soil quality, and the surrounding environment. Our goal is to create an outdoor living space that will be useful throughout the year.

Our Hard Landscaping Services

If you’re planning some major changes in your outdoor area, you may need a significant amount of hard landscaping. Depending on your approved design, your project may involve erecting fences, building retaining and boundary walls, laying of patios, and installing water features, among many others. Don’t worry because we are here to organize all of the major landscaping construction. We can manage every aspect of the project, including hiring machinery, sourcing building materials, and safe disposal of rubble, soil, and timber.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you need an outdoor structure like a shed, garage, or storeroom in the garden design. We can discuss an arrangement on how to source the materials and install them accordingly. Moreover, we wouldn’t forget about using the proper lighting. After all, it is the element that can turn your outdoor area into a magical haven. We will carefully plan and install the lights so that you can use the space for socialization or relaxation.

When you need expert landscape design services in Allen, TX, don’t hesitate to contact Allen Landscaping! We also have been fortunate enough to partner with Halifax Landscaping Company to hone our skills and keep up to date with the latest trends and techniques.

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