Lawn Maintenance Service in Allen TX

When you are looking for an expert landscape technician who can care for your lawn throughout the year, contact Allen Landscaping right away. Our team understands how challenging it is to keep lawns in good condition, especially on slightly sand-based soils which are typical in various areas in Allen, TX. With our annual lawn care program, you can ensure that your lawn will look green year-round. What’s more, you can turn to us for lawn renovation services, including aeration, scarification, and over-seeding.

Comprehensive Lawn Care Services in Allen, TX

Allen Landscaping is among the few lawn care companies in Allen, TX that offers comprehensive services to their clients. It is always our goal to give our customers a healthy, green sward by providing their lawns with a balanced nutrient program.

When you hire Allen Landscaping, you can expect a sustainable nutrient diet for your lawn. We understand that various factors—including soil type, grass type, the seasonal conditions, and the weather—can determine the right nutrition program for a lawn. Of course, you can purchase a cheap nitrogen product to quickly make your lawn look green. However, you might end up with an unwanted thatch because you’ll have to do an enormous amount of mowing. Within a few years, you are more likely to destroy your lawn.

At Allen Landscaping, we believe that it is essential to use products that contain the right organisms and nutrients to create a green and healthy lawn. We are the lawn care company in Allen, TX that uses semi-organic and organic fertilizers with less nitrogen compared to what other businesses use. Our team believes that the future is completely organic and we always work towards that goal.

Your Trusted Weed Control Professionals

Dozens of common weeds naturally grow in lawns in Texas. The environment in Allen often creates the ideal conditions for weed seeds to germinate. If neglected, weed may infest your lawn. Thankfully, Allen Landscaping is here to carry out your annual lawn care program. We will control weed growth in the most eco-friendly way, ensuring that we use as little amount of chemical as possible.

You can contact us to take out the weed from your lawn and prevent it from spreading any further. As part of our lawn care program, we will use spot treatment and selective herbicide. Trust that we have the tools, equipment, and skills necessary to control weed growth in your lawn.

Getting Rid of Moss Growth on Your Lawn

During the cold winter and the early spring seasons, moss can grow richly in Texas. Now, you must know that moss can be detrimental to the health of your lawn. Over time, it can overwhelm the grass plants in the area by blanketing over them. If there are shady or thin areas in your lawn, moss is most likely to thrive. On the other hand, if you have a healthy and thick grass sward, moss is unlikely to survive and spread.

Of course, it is not possible to completely eradicate moss in your lawn. However, you can hire us to control the growth and prevent it from spreading. Keep in mind that the weather conditions can determine the frequency of the treatment.

Here at Allen Landscaping, we use products with trace elements and liquid iron to effectively control moss. We can carry out the treatment during months when the conditions are damp and cool.

However, we usually recommend re-treatment within the same year to ensure the best results. Keep in mind that soon after the service, the moss will turn from green to brown or black. Usually, the dead moss won’t be noticeable as soon as the surrounding grasses will grow and fill them. On the other hand, you can contact us and ask us to rake the dead moss to ensure that your lawn will always look stunning and green.

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Why Hire Allen Landscaping?

As a locally owned and operated company, Allen Landscaping understands the conditions in the area and how they affect the health of a lawn. As such, we always tailor our treatments to achieve the best results for our client’s lawn. Moreover, we only employ qualified landscape technicians who are extensively knowledgeable and experienced in keeping lawns green and healthy. As a way to fulfill our promise of quality service to our clients, we only use specialist lawn care machinery and techniques.

When you want to keep your lawn looking stunning as the day it was installed, contact Allen Landscaping today!

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