Beautiful Ornamental Grass in Allen, TX

At Allen Landscaping, it is always our goal to provide comprehensive landscaping services to homeowners and businesses. So, if you need ornamental grass in Allen, TX, you can also contact us and we’ll happily assist you in selecting the type of decorative trees and plants for your property. We offer a wide selection of perennials and decorative grasses. Whether you want to have a natural prairie look in a rural or even an urban environment, we are ready to provide you with what you need. Trust that we’ll recommend plants that can take the conditions in Allen and surrounding areas.

Why Use Decorative Grass?

If you want to add a classic look to your business’ exterior or to your home garden, using ornamental grass would be the ideal option. It is a great addition to a home landscaping project or a commercial site. Here at Allen Landscaping, we offer landscape grasses in various sizes that range from something as small as 6” or any grasses that can tower even higher than 8’.

What’s great about getting the help of an ornamental grass supplier in Allen, Texas is it allows you to achieve the look you want for your landscape. For instance, if you want a unique texture for the area, you can get grasses that can ascend upward and cascade downward again. This type of ornamental grass will move freely in the breeze and will grow faster compared to other plants. What’s more, it doesn’t require high maintenance.

Selecting the Right Ornamental Grass

There are dozens of grasses you can choose when you turn to Allen Landscaping. Every year, we always offer a couple of new varieties, each one featuring wonderful characteristics. When it comes to choosing decorative grasses in Allen, you need to consider your landscape design. However, you also perform due diligence in knowing about the heartiness and size of the plant you want to get. It is crucial to know the mature size of the grass if you want to confine it to a spot and prevent it from taking over the space of other plants.

On the first year, your decorative grass will need plenty of moisture. However, eventually, you will discover that it thrives well even during drought. You will rarely deal with disease or insect issues, making ornamental grass an ideal option. As it grows in size, you can dig it up and divide it into separate plants for your expansive garden. On the other hand, you can always purchase new ornamental grasses because they are fairly inexpensive.

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Ornamental Grass Recommended for Texas:

Mexican Feather Grass – If you want to see grass with good wind movement in your landscape, opt for Mexican Feather Grass. It features graceful flower heads and leaves that will bring life to your garden or lawn.

Purple Fountain Grass – When you want a burst of colors in your landscape, consider getting Purple Fountain Grass. While it looks striking with its red flower spikes and maroon blades, it can also be drought-tolerant.

Blonde Ambition Grass – With Blonde Ambition Grass, you can add cool-season interest to your landscape. What’s great about this grass variety is it can tolerate various soil types.

Gulf Coast Muhly – As you welcome the fall, it is good to ornamental grass that will bring life to the season. What’s wonderful about the Gulf Coast Muhly is its beautiful autumn color and its blooms that can last for several months.

Big Muhly – Whether you need ornamental grass in Allen or any other area in Texas, you can use the Big Muhly. It features feather-like blooms in the autumn, but it is best to install it in early spring.

The Trusted Ornamental Grass Suppliers in Allen, Texas

When you choose Allen Landscaping as your decorative grass supplier, you are selecting the experts in the field. We specialize in various landscaping services, including weed-pulling, mulching, and even lawn renovation. Our highly skilled team also has extensive knowledge in using ornamental grass for landscape design. So, you can expect us to enhance your property, taking your idea into a stunning reality.

When you need ornamental grass in Allen, TX, do not hesitate to contact Allen Landscaping today!