Flower and Tree Planting in Allen TX

At Allen Landscaping, we understand that lawn care and landscaping is so much more than mowing a lawn and planting flowers. We offer a wide range of services to ensure your unique needs are met. Whether you need a one-time service to build a retaining wall or regular mulching and pruning, we can customize a plan that works for you. 


Create a stunning feature in your outdoor space with custom brickwork. Also known as hardscaping, our brickwork can create a beautiful retaining wall, patio, or walkway to enhance your yard. We offer a warranty on select installations to provide peace of mind for your outdoor feature. Brickwork can encompass a variety of projects, such as retaining to laterally support the soil, a beautiful outdoor patio, or a decorative walkway. We use only the highest quality bricks and materials to create a durable feature that stand up to the climate and harsh weather conditions of your area. 

Tree Planting

Add interest and greenery to your lawn with tree planting services. We can maintain the health of the existing trees on your property by trimming and pruning trees and removing any unhealthy trees. We also provide stump grinding as needed. With residential or commercial tree planting services, you can bring your outdoor space to life. We use expert arborist advice to recommend the best tree species that will thrive in your landscape. We consider local climate as well as soil conditions to plant trees that will live for years to come in your yard. 

Landscape Maintenance

Your landscaping will stay as beautiful as the day it was installed with landscape maintenance service. Allen Landscaping provides top quality care for your landscape on a consistent basis. Your team of landscapers will become familiar with the unique needs and goals of your outdoor space, and the same team will work on your property for each visit. By building up a knowledge of your landscaping, your team will be able to keep your lawn looking perfect month after month and increase curb appeal


Mulching is a necessary lawn care activity that prevents weeds from growing while minimizing soil compaction in the rain. Mulch will promote nutrition for your soil and keep an even temperature. It is also a great way to conserve water because it retains the moisture from watering and allows it to get to the roots of your plants. Our team will help you determine the right type of mulch for your lawn. With regular mulching services, we will keep your mulch in top quality and change it as necessary. Not only does mulch protect your plants, but it helps maintain a uniform and clean appearance for your outdoor space. 

Stone & Masonry

If you are looking to create a unique feature in your outdoor space, we provide custom stone and masonry work. Our team can help you design an impressive retaining wall that is both functional and attractive or an outdoor patio to enjoy with your family. We use only high-quality stone and masonry work to provide a product that is durable. Overall, stonework and masonry can add interest to your lawn and enhance the overall appearance of your outdoor space. For some awesome ideas check out our friends at Sacramento Concrete Contractor!


Pruning is necessary to keep your trees and shrubs healthy. With regular pruning, you can ensure your plants are maintained and well cared for. Our experts can increase the lifespan of your trees and shrubs while improving their appearance. Pruning also reduced the likelihood of diseased plants and trees and increasing growth by removing any blocks to the sunlight. 

Seasonal Color

Get your lawn ready for every season. Our team at Allen Landscaping will install seasonal plants to provide a pop of color or an accent to your lawn. With landscape maintenance services, we will switch out your plants for each season to keep your outdoor space beautiful all year long. Both residential and commercial clients can benefit from the curb appeal added by seasonal color with an eye-catching landscape solution.

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