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You can turn to Allen Landscaping for high-quality and efficient outdoor lighting services. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers in Allen, TX and surrounding areas. Moreover, we can confidently say that we are one of the leading outdoor lights installers in the city. Aside from employing expert landscapers, we also work with a team of trained, highly skilled, and licensed electricians who can handle any lighting project—no matter how big or small.

There is a reason why we have stayed in the industry for several years. We always treat honesty and respect as the foundation of the relationship we build with our customers. So, when you need outdoor lighting for your backyard or your commercial establishment, you can trust that our electricians will complete the job to the highest standards.

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When you opt for our services, you can expect stunning lighting that can enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor living space. You will be delighted to discover how big a difference lighting can make in your outdoor entertaining area, backyard deck, or patio. Aside from elevating the aesthetic appeal of your property, proper lighting can also make the outdoor area safer for your family and guests. You can ask us to add light to your patio, pathways, pool, or trees.

We Install a Wide Array of Lighting Fixtures

spotlight installation


Also referred to as directional lights, up-lights, down lights, and floodlights, spotlights are quite versatile. They are the ideal lighting fixtures for an outdoor landscape because they can support a wide variety of beam widths, bulbs, and wattages. One of the most common uses of spotlights is illuminating trees from the ground up. Aside from that, there are various spotlighting techniques you can use, including silhouetting, highlighting, grazing, shadowing, moonlighting, and floodlighting.

pathway light installation

Pathway Lights

The primary purpose of pathway lights is to light up walkways. Usually, installers aim the light down to the fixture’s side. However, they can also set up the light in a way that it illuminates a bigger surface area. Aside from using them for pathways, you can also mount them in areas that you want to highlight. For instance, if you have an aesthetically pleasing landscape bed, you can illuminate it using pathway lights to make it visible even in the nighttime.

waterfall lighting

Well Lights

Also referred to as in-grade lights, well lights are fixtures that are installed in outdoor surfaces where vehicular or foot traffic may pass over. For instance, we can mount them on a turf area and lawn mowers can go over them without damaging them. Well lights are also the ideal option if the light beam has to start close to the ground. For instance, you may want to illuminate a column and you want to start at its base. What’s great about well lights is that even if you install them a few inches from the ground, they can still illuminate surfaces efficiently.

floodlight installation


Now, if you want to enhance the security of your yard, you can light it up by installing floodlights. It is true that spotlights also function as floodlights. However, the latter is specifically designed for the purpose of securing outdoor areas. Moreover, they have a wider angle and a much higher wattage than spotlights.

spotlight installation

Step Lights

There are two main parts in steps—the risers (the vertical pieces) and the treads (the horizontal pieces. Our team can light up the treads by installing the lights to the risers or to the side walls. It is worth noting that step lights can also be used for your deck.


Hardscape Lights

You can also install lights on hardscape features like outdoor fireplaces, patios, stairs, walls, and walkways, among others. Our electricians can attach the lighting fixtures to the underside of capstones and overhands. If your landscape design calls for it, this lighting technique can provide a subtle illumination of your hardscape surfaces.

Hire the Experts for Maintaining Your Commercial Grounds

Allen Landscaping is composed of values-based landscaping technicians. As such, you can expect us to install your outdoor lights with the highest levels of excellence, care, and integrity. We understand that once you choose us for your project, you are investing precious time and money on us. We take your trust seriously and we promise to install your outdoor lights promptly and efficiently.

When you need reliable outdoor lighting installers in Allen, TX, contact Allen Landscaping right away!

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