Building Gorgeous Fountains and Ponds in Allen TX

When you want to transform your landscape into a breathtaking retreat, contact Allen Landscaping and let us build a pond, fountain, or other decorative water feature in the area. Picture yourself stepping out of your home and into your paradise. You can sit in your patio while listening to the relaxing sounds of running water. You’ll quickly forget about your worries as you destress in your personal oasis!

When you choose Allen Landscaping, you can rest easy knowing that your pond or fountain will be built with sustainable and environment-friendly features. We aim to turn our customer’s dream paradise into reality. For many years, we have been designing, installing, and field-testing stunning ponds and fountains in Allen, TX. We are here to provide you with the best value and the most reliable products in the industry.

Our Comprehensive Pond and Fountain Services

Whether you’re looking for a supplier, designer, builder, restorer, or a maintenance specialist for all types of water features, you can trust the experts from Allen Landscaping. Here are some of the indoor, outdoor, residential, and commercial projects we cover:

waterfalls with ponds

Waterfalls with Ponds

Indeed, having waterfalls with a pond is a wonderful feature in your garden. If the space in your property permits, consider building waterfalls with a small pond. You can also rely on Allen Landscaping to perform on-site water quality testing services. By regularly monitoring and testing the quality of your water feature, we can keep the aquatic ecosystems in your property healthy throughout the year.

floodlight installation

Testing Pond Water Quality

Whether you have a water fountain or a pond for decorative, recreational, or fishing purposes, you must keep it clean and free of any harmful bacteria. Of course, if you’re managing a commercial complex with a water feature, it can be unsightly and unhealthy to have a stinky, murky, or green pond.

waterfall lighting

Pond and Fountain Maintenance

You can keep your fish happy and your plants healthy when you have a clean pond. So, turn to Allen Landscaping and let us maintain your pond and fountain. We understand that no two water systems are exactly the same. We know that it is crucial to develop a proper management program according to the design, purpose, and biological conditions of a specific pond. While performing general maintenance services, we’ll also identify and address any issues we’ll find in your water feature.

pathway light installation

Decorative Fountains

We can install a decorative fountain in your garden near your patio or deck. Imagine those lazy afternoons where you can enjoy watching birds and butterflies flocking to beautiful water feature. Or, what about the middle of your driveway? That’s a way to make a statement!

Pond and Algae Noxious Weed Treatment

Our aquatic pond technicians in Allen, TX have the right tools and equipment necessary to test your water system for algae issues. We can quickly navigate all sorts of aquatic systems to perform pond maintenance and provide treatments accordingly. Moreover, we only use eco-friendly and sustainable products and practices when delivering our algae control services. When you hire us, we will get rid of undesirable algae and exotic weeds that may harm the balance in the aquatic ecosystem.

Allen Landscaping service

Have a Worry-Free Pond or Fountain When You Hire Allen Landscaping

Aside from installing different types of water features, our team specializes in maintaining ponds and fountains. We have the experience, knowledge, and tools necessary to keep your decorative water system looking beautiful. It is always our goal to exceed our customer’s expectations, which is why we treat every pond or fountain as if it was our own. What’s more, our technicians are ready to answer any questions you may have about your water feature.

It is the dream of every fountain or pond owner to have a worry-free, stress-free, and care-free water feature. At Allen Landscaping, we understand he energy, time, and commitment necessary to keep your water system healthy and gorgeous. Installing fountains and ponds is one thing, but keeping them fresh, clean, and beautiful is a different ballpark. Thankfully, when you hire us, you can ensure that you are working with professionals who are experts in both areas. As one of the leading landscaping companies in Allen, TX, we always strive to provide services that meet the highest standards for quality.

When you want to transform your backyard or landscape into a wonderful oasis, contact Allen Landscaping today!