Residential Landscaping in Allen TX

Do you need help to make your home looking greener and cleaner? If so, then you’ll need to contact the residential landscaping contracts that Allen, TX residents trust! Here at Allen Landscaping, our team does it all—from mowing yards and raking leaves to planting ornamental grass and edging services. It shouldn’t be difficult to find a one-stop lawn care company, which is why we are here to help. When you want a cost-effective solution to making your yard look healthy and beautiful, all you need to do is contact Allen Landscaping.

Affordable Yet Efficient Landscaping Services

There are several good reasons why we’ve lasted in the landscaping business for several years. For one, we always treat every lawn or yard as if it was our own. We always bring our expertise and use premium quality tools to make landscapes looking great all year-round. Indeed, Allen Landscaping goes beyond the basic lawn care services that you usually find in Allen, TX.

You may think that you are saving money when you choose to take care of your yard yourself. However, after the first or second month of pushing your lawn mower, you will quickly realize that the task can be overwhelming. When you do everything on your own, all your weekends will go to trimming, weeding, mowing, and raking. You won’t have time to relax or go to the beach!

On the other hand, when you hire a professional landscaper in Allen, TX, you can get services from an expert crew. Our team members can quickly and efficiently clean up your lawn at a fraction of the time you’d spend on going DIY. Since we have the experience, skills, equipment, and tools, we can complete more tasks in a shorter amount of time.

Wide Range of Soft Landscaping Services

Over the years, we have formed a team of horticultural experts who have strong knowledge and experience in the field. We are ready to provide you with quality products and the right service that will meet your requirements. We provide the following soft landscaping services to Allen, TX residents:

Planting: We can perform small-scale planting in raised beds for residential gardens.

Grass Trimming: You can turn to us for residential garden maintenance service, including grass trimming and cutting.

Turf Installation: Your turf is only as good as the people who installed it. So, only let the professional landscapers from Allen Landscaping lay your lawn grass. We only use high-quality, locally sourced materials.

Shrub Beds: You can also hire us for residential shrub bed planting services.

Stump Grinding: We only use environment-friendly methods in removing tree stumps.

Weed Control: Expect us to use eco-friendly products when controlling weed growth in your garden.

Comprehensive Hard Landscaping Services

Over the years, Allen Landscaping has played a pivotal role in many projects in the area. We have helped several customers transform their lawns and gardens by bringing a strong sense of structure to their property. We understand that a thoroughly planned and implemented landscaping design can make a significant difference to any outdoor area. So, you can trust that we will listen carefully to your specifications and execute your approved scheme effectively. Here are our hard landscaping services:

Fencing: Whether you need to repair rotten fence posts or you need to install trellis, you can rely on our expert landscapers.

Decking: Our team will properly lay your decking, ensuring that it has the protection it needs to last for many years to come.

Ponds and Fountains: Whether you want your yard to look like a wildlife haven or you want it to look more like an English garden with a beautiful fountain, you can trust that we’ll design and build the water feature according to your specifications.

Drainage: Of course, we won’t forget to lay provisions for proper drainage. We’ll make sure that it will match your requirements and project.

If you need tree and hedge care services, you can also contact our team. Our services include pruning, cutting, trimming, and felling. We can also safely remove and dispose of your tree stump. Trust that whatever your residential landscaping needs may be, we can provide you with services that meet the highest standards for quality and safety.

Contact Allen Landscaping today and get a free assessment and quotation for your residential landscaping project!

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