Allen Heritage Village

The Allen Heritage Village is located in an area of St. Mary Drive, in Allen, Texas. It covers some acres. The village is made up of many of Allen’s historic churches, homes, and storehouses that have been moved and restored. This park allows guests to have fun and educate them about Allen’s history through interpretive evidence. Open houses are held regularly at the facility, which also has three churches available for rent by members of public.

Background of Allen Heritage Village

The St. Mary Baptist Church was the first project to establish the Allen Heritage Village. To create a village-like environment where structures from old neighborhoods could be moved and rebuilt, the Allen Heritage Guild acquired additional land in Allen. This allowed guests to learn about the rich history of Allen. The Community Development Corporation funded the project. The project was completed September 2002.

In 2003, the Heritage Guild made great progress by moving some structures to the facility and preparing a plan for the village. A renowned architect designed restoration plans in 2005 for the exterior of the Allen Christian Church and two bungalow houses. In 2008, the exterior restorations were completed. In collaboration with Allen Heritage Guild, Allen Garden Club and the City of Allen, the Collin County Master Gardeners Association performed the landscaping. Along with other community partners, the Collin County Master Garden Club continues to care for and develop the gardens.

The village continues to renovate the Lane-Carroll house, an old yellow farmhouse. To ensure that the house is given historical significance, the city has teamed up with the Allen Heritage Guild. The renovations to the Allen Heritage Village should be complete by 2023.

Allen Heritage Village Facilities

The Allen Heritage Village is a modernization of the old Allen from the 1920s and 1930s. The original Allen Christian Church as well as St. Mary Church are part of this combination. These churches are being renovated beautifully and can be rented to host different events such as weddings or reunions.

The Allen Christian Church can accommodate 250 people. St. Mary Church has a capacity for 75 people and can host small weddings.

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