Eagle Stadium

Eagle Stadium is a soccer arena in Allen, TX. It is managed by the Allen Independent School District and serves as the home field for the Allen High School soccer team. It is situated on 72 acres and is a pride of the community.

Eagle Stadium Launch

On 31 August 2012, the stadium was officially inaugurated with a duel between the Southlake Carroll Dragons and the Allen Eagles, the Texas 5A state champions. Allen defeated the Dragons 24 to 0. This win was witnessed by 22,000 people, with 4,000 in excess.

Before that match day, Allen Dragons had never won against Dragons. It was a convenient moment that Eagles displayed their power during the opening night of a new stadium. This stadium set the standard for high school stadiums. It is clear that Allen values the education of his young players and this stadium shows it.

Eagle Stadium Facts

The Eagle Stadium covers 72 acres. This facility was built by Allen citizens for $60 million.

The stadium has 18,000 seats and is equipped with a 75′ x 45′ HD video board that allows for instant replay.

Eagle Stadium offers a parking lot that can accommodate up to 5,050 cars, and two-terminal areas that are available for rent during match days. There are 42 concession channels and a three-layered press box with shooting decks that can be used by coaches and media.

You might feel like you are entering a college or professional soccer stadium when you enter it. The stadium’s design and architecture is inspired by the Frisco minor-league baseball park.

The facility was originally built for football, but it also hosts other sports. There is a wrestling area, a practice section for golf and a weight room.


You can enjoy Chick-fil-A and Dickey’s Barbecue while you watch a match at the stadium. There are also traditional options such as hot dogs, cheese and pepperoni pizzas, pretzels, and cheese-or-pepperoni pizzas.

A bistro box can be ordered with fresh fruit, crackers, cheese and other healthy items if you are concerned about your health. Four concession stands are available for caffeine-lovers who want to enjoy a cup of cappuccino.

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