Celebration Park

Celebration Park, a community park located in Allen, Texas, covers 104 acres and is home to the Market Street Allen USA Celebration which takes place each year. The park also houses one of Texas’ largest parks for the physically handicapped, as well as soccer fields and tennis courts. The adjacent spray field is also worth noting. Celebration Park is a great place for children to cool off and play in the water, especially in Texas’ hot summers.


Celebration Park, Allen, TX has the following features:

* Tennis courts that are adequately lit

* A huge kidMania community-sponsored sprayfield and playground adjacent to the sprayfield

* Recycling containers courtesy of grants from Waste Management’s Keep America Beautiful Grants and “Think Green” grant.

* A huge sports court

* Fields for baseball and soccer that are well lit

* 1.5-mile perimeter course


Celebration Park is designed for recreation and includes picnic tables, pavilions and bike and hiking trails. It also has sports fields. The spray field offers a unique opportunity to give your kids a memorable experience. The kidMania play structure, which covers over an acre, is accessible by all ages and is friendly for children of all ages. The large ground and lake are ideal for children to run or walk around. In 2003, Allen Parks Foundation employees and volunteers joined forces to create a fully accessible playground. It was the largest of its kind in the state. The Parks Foundation raised more than $150,000 to fund the project. Each section can be used for a variety of activities. The colors are arranged according to difficulty level, but the playground is still fun for everyone. Children will never get bored in the large playground.

Celebration Park is a great place to burn calories. You can run, bike, walk or relax. There are excellent trails that you can use to exercise or walk your pet.

The Parks Foundation also sponsors family movie nights at the park, where families can enjoy a unique movie experience.

Keep this in mind

Management at the park places environmental conservation among its highest priorities. The park management encourages visitors to recycle aluminum cans and plastic containers to help divert large quantities of recyclables that are accumulated each week at the local dump.

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